~ Integrity ~

I was very fortunate to work with Kerri for three years in my role as a photo journalist for Southwest Riverside News Network, where she served as the chief editor and helped me develop my career in journalism.   

Kerri's ability to manage such a busy operation with minimal resources was phenomenal and her ability to write a story with the scattered facts that I was often forced to provide her was amazing.   Working with Kerri could not have been any easier and her journalism values and  the integrity of her work was always priority one!   

--Joe Fanaselle, photojournalist and owner of Aimed News, a news-gathering service  

~ Diligent ~

I connected with Kerri Mabee several years ago when I was developing Reality Rally in Temecula and I was out doing speaking engagements around my Survivor TV show experience.  Kerri was the first to respond to our press releases and has been a diligent follower of all I do ever since.  She has a unique interest in producing what her readers would like to read about while supporting what we all do for our community.  She has not only talent, but heart and a genuine interest in what is happening in the area and beyond.   I do consider her a big part of the success in getting the word out for all I am involved in.   Thank you, Kerri, for all you are!   --Gillian Larson, CBS Survivor Gabon Season 17 contestant, Reality Rally   

~ Creative ~

I have spent the last four years writing freelance columns for San Diego News Network and then SW Riverside News Network, working with Kerri on multiple opinion pieces each week.   It was a unique experience. As a leader and an editor, she allowed me space to write about timely topics, express a wide variety of opinions and challenged me for the background on my thoughts.   In that time, I was honored as Columnist of the Year by the San Diego Press Club for my "One Man's Opinion" column on those websites.   She is a dynamic leader, a news hound and a creative think-tank person.   --Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, sports talk radio personality with The Mighty 1090 in San Diego  

~ Professional ~

Kerri Mabee helped me with revisions on several manuscripts. I found her comments helpful, sensitive and encouraging. My stories were much improved by my association with Kerri. She is a talented and professional writer.   --Ellen Davidson, children's author,  www.ellendeedavidson.com   

~ Talented ~

  Kerri was a fantastic editor for SWRNN.com, one of the best editors I've worked with in 25 years as a writer, and I've had a lot of editors! I was a regular freelancer for her at SWRNN.com and truly enjoyed working with Kerri. She's a talented writer and journalist and a super nice person all around.    --Amy Bentley, professional writer  

~ Accomplished ~

Kerri led a very small team of writers/freelancers and hit benchmarks I have never seen before with a group that size.  New stories were up hourly, other content updated by the minute, on-scene photos that no other news outlet had, and on and on.  I'm not exactly sure how she and her team  accomplished so much with so little. I challenge any other group out there to match it -- you probably can't.    --Graig Harris, web & marketing content strategist